How can I find out what flexilubes are coming up? 

The upcoming schedule is posted here.

How do I place an order for flexilubes? 

You can place orders on our Twitter by by text message.

What payment methods do you accept? 

Currently, we accept cash and serve. If you sign up for a serve account before the end of this year you can get $25 free. Paypal and personal checks are also accepted on a limited basis.

What is the typical schedule for flexilubes? 

Monday - Anytime before Monday at noon you can order flexilubes for the coming week.
Tuesday to Friday - During the week you can still order flexilubes with an additional late fee.
Saturday - The later you order the more you risk having your order not filled. Fresh produce and meats are usually purchased on Saturday.
Sunday - Flexilubes are made usually in the evening subject to change for holidays and vacations. Deliveries are made same day; pickups can be made by appointment.

What are flexilube points and how do I use them? 

Flexilube points are reward points for loyal costumers. Flexilube points can be used to get free flexilubes and to sway the future scheduled weekly flexilubes.

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